Who am I?

Welcome, You’re Emasculated No More ❤

I’ve dated several men in the past and what has strongly disappointed me is the fact that most of them know so little about women – even those who are well past their prime and have had a substantial amount of experience being with women and being in active relationships. Here I share just some of my life lessons that I feel every man should know before he takes the plunge in getting involved with a girl he truly likes and creating that impression of himself which marks him as genuinely worthy.

All the advice that I give here is raw, from the depths of my sensitive heart – and very much free for all to read and take advantage of. No, because I’m not that kind of girl who wishes to sell you all those $47 programs that ‘magically capture a girl’s heart and makes her love you forever’. That’s just not me. I believe in being bold, yet graceful and sharing these facts about love, sex and relationships as a friend to all those men out there who just want to improve themselves on this department.

Each one of us on the face of this planet deserves a soul mate that unconditionally loves, respects and cherishes us for who we are, and not some prototype that others may want us to become. Hence, here’s all my ‘women 101’, out of sheer goodwill 🙂

As a guy, if you’re here, I give a bow to you (flaring my skirt with my hands from either side 😉 ) It’s because you’re determined to enhance yourself as a potential partner by harnessing the very attitudes, mindsets and traits that women are always on the prowl for, and draw yourself apart from the rest.

To your eternal joy and success,

Love passionately,



10 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. hey , hii dear .. saw you at a friends post. and i must say that i am impressed & feeling glad that i came here .. its so good … Specially the tagline about satisfying a girl one … i feel like i met someone like me ..

    i hope that you will enjoy my blog too ..https://livesmilehelp.wordpress.com/ ..
    although its not good as yours but i just hope that it might impress you the same way ..


  2. Thank You for dropping by my blog Bhavpreet. It’s truly appreciating to also acknowledge the fact that you have enjoyed my work and are able to relate to all of it too. I visited yours as well and I must say that I am highly impressed by your writings; I can tell that they pour from the depths of your heart and that is what bears most value to me. Kudos!

    I will be more than happy to sustain your regular readership here on my blog, and you are always free to vocalise on your viewpoints here on ENM. Happy blogging to you!

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  3. Like your thoughts and attempt to educate people, who need someone to feed those facts into their minds. It’s always amazing to watch and listen to people which help us understand them even better. Sometimes the pure reality of how others see at certain matters with completely different perspective amazes me.
    Btw, you’ve got a frequent reader right here. Cheers !!


  4. I heartily appreciate your food-for-thoughts over here at ENM, Sachitra. It’s shocking to observe people be so oblivious to their very own demeanor, the very kind that they aren’t aware are hurting others in due course (or maybe they are aware, it’s just that they don’t wish to take responsibility for it). Articulating those very sentiments such that one and all are acknowledged of the scenario sure is soul warming, but like you said, educating at the same time too.

    I pray that you are blessed with nothing but the very best!
    Most Sincerely, Sakku.

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